15 Things to Watch for When Visiting Aging Parents During the Holidays

Holiday visits are the perfect opportunity to check on your older loved ones and make sure they’re doing well. There are many common signs that a loved one may be in need of help. This year, take a moment to observe and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do they seem healthy? Have they lost weight, or do they appear more frail? Are they tripping over things more easily, or squinting when reading? Do they seem uncharacteristically confused about routine things?

  • What state is the house in? Are there stacks of unpaid bills and unopened mail lying around? Do you notice any maintenance issues, such as broken appliances or burnt out light bulbs? Is their refrigerator full of moldy, expired food?

  • Are their medications organized? Do they have expired medications mixed up with current ones? Are there new medications or supplements you don’t recognize?

  • How are they doing outside of the home? Are they still doing activities they used to enjoy, such as socializing with friends? Do
    they get out of the house regularly, or are they reluctant to leave?
    Are there any changes in their driving skills? Does their car have any unexplained scratches or dents?

The holidays are also a great time to start a meaningful conversation with your loved one about aging and planning for the future. When you’re ready to start planning, we can help – give us a call at (808) 393-6387 or e-mail us at info@rulon-adamshick.com to get started.

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