Frequently Asked Questions

As Elder Law attorneys we bring to our practice a specialized knowledge of the legal, financial and personal care issues that often affect older adults. We also bring compassion, understanding and empathy as we have all worked to help our own parents. Our common experience motivates us to help your loved ones.

Yes, our focus is on helping those who are 65 years of age and older. However, we also frequently work with the families of those elders we represent.

If your mom were to have a serious fall or devastating health event in the coming years that affected her ability to care for herself, her care options would be far more limited. Would she be open to caregivers coming into her home? Or would she prefer to move to an assisted living community? By planning proactively instead of reacting once there’s a crisis, you will know her preferences for care in advance.

Life Care Planning is especially well-suited to “solo agers” who do not have close family on the island. It provides them with someone to call in a crisis, who knows them and can assist without delay. It also provides their family with reassurance that their loved one has a team of professionals looking out for them.

Yes, just as it is ethical to plan to take a tax deduction to reduce income tax liability. Planning to become eligible for Medicaid in a legal manner to reduce the expense of nursing home care is no different. When the focus is on the elder as it is in our practice, the goal is to protect assets wherever possible to meet the elder’s other basic needs, supplement the elder’s care and pay for needed services not covered by the Medicaid program.

We understand the mobility issues that older adults often face. We’re happy to arrange a telephone or virtual meeting and help you get connected, or may arrange to meet with you in your home with all COVID-19 precautions being observed.

Short answers to common questions

When it comes to the care of an older loved one, you may feel overwhelmed with questions. Maybe you’re not sure what questions to ask. Our team of experts is here to help educate on these often confusing topics.