Our Life Care Planning Program

If you are here, you are likely already delivering care and managing financial, legal and personal matters for an elderly parent or loved one. You may be overwhelmed, under great pressure and scrambling to make immediate arrangements for long-term care, while wondering:

“Do I have the legal authority to do this?”
“How will necessary care be paid for?”
“What if Mom gets worse and needs more care?”
“What if Mom runs out of money?”

Infographic of issues facing elders after a health crisis
Infographic of issues facing elders after a health crisis

Most of us are unprepared for the impact a health crisis can have on an elder’s current and future life.

Once there is a devastating health event, the first issue to be addressed is often housing. Can they return home? If so, will they need help and personal care? If not, where is the best place for them to live, and how does one choose?

The options for housing raise financial issues. What will it cost? How will it be paid for? Beyond what may be available in a bank account, are there other financial resources that can be used? Are there restrictions? If so, are there strategies to get around them?

Financial issues often then raise legal issues. Who has been designated to handle finances if the elder is no longer able? Is there a power of attorney with a named agent? Is there a trust with a named successor trustee? Are the documents current and up to date? Does the elder need other legal documents?

A health crisis can initiate this sequence of overlapping new problems that many adult children and family members have not considered and are often blindsided by. You need a plan and guidance in carrying it out and adapting it to changes as they occur. This is where we come in – Life Care Planning is about bringing order out of chaos. We guide you every step of the way, with the goal of making sure your loved one is safe and well cared for. For us, it’s about quality of life.