Our Limited Life Care Planning Program

If your loved one is still healthy and active, they may think there is no need to further plan, beyond the estate plan they had prepared years ago. However, this is not the same thing as a plan for care and is incomplete without a good deal more.

The best time for Life Care Planning is before an accident, diagnosis or medical crisis that changes your loved one’s way of life and creates the need for care.

Adult child and older loved one going over legal documents

Planning early through proactive Limited Life Care Planning offers advantages over waiting until there is a crisis:

Our Limited Life Care Planning program is intended to help you create an estate plan (including wills, trusts, advance health care directives, and powers of attorney), keep your estate plan updated over time (as tax laws change and your priorities may change), and make other important preparations for your family in the event you have a major health crisis in the future.
The preparation of a will alone will address what happens to your estate after you pass on. In contrast, our program is focused on your life and intended to help you determine what happens to you and your estate between now and the end of your life. The program allows you to designate your wishes and thereby maintain control even if you were to become seriously injured or ill. It also provides your kids with the answers they may someday need if you do require assistance.