It’s Time For Life Care Planning

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It is human nature to avoid thinking or planning for a time when, due to age and infirmity, we will no doubt need some help on a daily basis.
For a great many people the issues addressed in Life Care Planning will not be considered until they are suddenly faced with a devastating event that affects their future.
Once the trigger event happens, family members often step in to deliver care, and manage financial, legal and personal matters.
Invariably, this quickly becomes overwhelming.
At the crisis point, caregivers find themselves scrambling to make immediate arrangements for long-term care, often under great pressure, and wondering how they will pay for that care.
Life Care Planning helps these families cope with their new reality by sharing with us the burden of planning and implementing all the changes necessary to help their loved one have the best quality of life.
It provides someone to call who can be counted on to provide knowledgeable advice with challenging issues that may impact care choices.
It offers older clients the assurance of knowing that a law firm stands ready to protect them, especially when they are no longer able to speak for themselves.
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