The Importance of Life Care Planning in the Age of COVID-19

The age of COVID has made it more important than ever to plan ahead for the future. No matter your age, it’s worth your time and effort to prepare for the unexpected. As the omicron variant continues to spread, we are once again facing the possibility of another round of quarantine and isolation. Elder care was already a complicated puzzle before COVID was introduced – now families are facing additional care-related challenges, especially if their loved ones are living in long-term care facilities. Restrictions on visitation make communication between residents and family members more difficult.

How can working with a Life Care Planning law firm help families address these issues? Having a care coordinator on staff means families can have peace of mind, knowing their loved one has a care professional advocating on their loved one’s behalf.  We have witnessed the need for this increase during the pandemic.

Our firm had a client who was sent back to an assisted living facility for rehab after suffering a fall. The facility had experienced a few cases of COVID among residents, and was taking numerous safety precautions including closing the facility to all visitors and family members. Our Elder Care Coordinator was able to bridge the gap in communication – by telephone and occasional video chat – to get current information on our client’s condition and offer care suggestions based on knowledge of the client. This was especially helpful for the client’s adult children who live on the mainland, to know they have a team of local advisors who keep in touch with the facility, and act as an independent pair of eyes watching out for their loved one.

In another recent case, one of our clients in assisted living became afraid of the aide who helped her bathe. She called her daughter and asked to be taken home. The daughter herself caught COVID and had just started a 14-day quarantine, so bringing her mother home was not an option. She called us for help. One of our Elder Law Attorneys contacted the facility’s Director of Nursing and asked for assistance in resolving this issue. The facility took action within the hour to replace the aide with another so our client would not feel fearful. The problem was solved amicably without any kind of legal pressure. Our client felt safe again, and her daughter was relieved to know her mother would not have to be moved.

The value of having a team of Life Care Planning experts on your side has only increased since COVID began in March of 2020. Clients can find comfort in the fact that no matter what the future holds, a law firm made up of caring professionals stands with them, ready to back them up. When you’re ready to begin your Life Care Planning journey, give us a call.

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